Friday, March 28, 2008

New assignment!

Just got my new assignment for Phase 3 of NCCC! Fort Pierce, FL here we come! We will be arriving in FL on April 17th to install hurricane shutters for low income families. I am lukewarm on the project, but I am keeping an open mind and trying not to make any judgments before getting there. I think my feelings stem more from the fact that I am sad to leave the Gulf Coast as I have really begun to fall in love with the culture down here. Alas, this is the nature of NCCC and it is time to move on!

I can't believe I am already moving onto my third project!!! It feels like just yesterday I was arriving at Fort McClellan, being issued my AmeriCorps uniform and steel toed boots, anxiously awaiting and anticipating all that was ahead...and now, now I am in the thick of it, wishing it would all slow down while trying to experience everything at the same time.

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